Publications of Ralf Quast (further)

Martin Boettcher, Ralf Quast, Thomas Storm, Gary Corlett, Christopher Merchant, and Craig Donlon. Multi-sensor match-up database for SST CCI, 06 2014. [ http ]

Ralf Quast, Thomas Storm, Peter North, Samantha Lavender, and Philippe Goryl. Sentinel-3 Synergy processing, 06 2014. [ http ]

Ralf Quast, Norman Fomferra, Thomas Block, Steven Delwart, Philippe Goryl, and Peter Regner. SMOS User Support Tools: SMOS-Box and Cal/Val Data Distribution, 06 2014. [ http ]

R. Quast, D. Reimers, A. Smette, O. Garcet, C. Ledoux, S. Lopez, and L. Wisotzki. Cosmochemistry, Cosmology, and Fundamental Constants: High-Resolution Spectroscopy of Damped Lyman-Alpha Systems. In Proceedings of the 22nd Texas Symposium on Relativistic Astrophysics at Stanford. eConf: C041213, 12 2004. [ .PDF ]

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